Kidu bby

  • Kidu: -Sends picture of Kanbaru Suruga-
  • Me: Ohhh
  • Me: My bby
  • Me: My waifu for laifu
  • Kidu: Lmfao no whut
  • Kidu: She's MY waifu
  • Me: Back off
  • Kidu: I'm yours, she's mine.
  • Me: Oh
  • Me: Well in that case that's perfectly fine
  • Kidu: Bwahaha!
  • Me: As long as I don't need to share you with Araragi.

Kill la Kill

Has won a special place in my heart, and can presently safely be referred to as one of my favorite anime I’ve seen thus far.

Thank you, Studio Trigger. It was a real trip, and I enjoyed every second of it.

Assassin's Creed Comet May Star a Templar in North America - IGN ›

Now that the previous rumor about Comet floating around which cited Eseosa as the protagonist are losing ground, this seems to be the rumor with the most credit, and to be perfectly honest I’m not sure how I feel about an Assassin’s Creed game in which the protagonist is a Templar.

To be fair, I’m not going to pretend that playing as Haytham wasn’t a thing, but that was a necessary inclusion that illustrated the idea that Assassins and Templars aren’t as different as we may have thought, a key element in Connor’s story. I feel, though, that I’ve grown so familiar and attached to the Assassins that despite those similarities, playing as a Templar would feel strange; I’m sure the whole entire time I’d be wanting nothing more than to see the dude switch sides.

Problem with that is itseems far too predictable to even be a possibility.

In any case I’m a die hard fan of this series and will undoubtedly be getting both Unity and Comet, but if this is the rumor that turns out to be true I don’t imagine this Shay character wil be getting a very warm welcome from me. 

Assassin's Creed Comet Details Leaked? ›

Still a rumor, but if this turns out to be true, I’m so about it.

Baby sis is throwing in her lot for the City Approval street team. I’m in charge of the shoot.


Steal a fresh glimpse of Assassin’s Creed Unity in motion! 

(via berunov)


This is my final project for my motion graphics course. An experimental video using “datamoshing” techniques. A study on video codecs and glitch art.

This was more of an experiment, but I would really like to incorporate glitched art in my body of work.

Hella wabi-sabi.

Lookin and soundin much better than the first draft, son. Nice work. I’m gunna be mad if this doesn’t get an A. 

Best remedy to an exhausting work week?

Kill la Kill episode 22.

Bleach 572


first purchase of this year.

Happy 21, my boy. Much love.

Song of the Week: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Fashion Monster

Saw her in concert last week at the House of Blues. It was dope. 

Spent last night buried in the back of a truck scanning in MTRs at work.

Real quick: this is my bud Sean’s demo reel. he’s been working in 3D Animation for a while now and while he’s no Monty Oum, he’s definitely been improving. 

Song of the week: ¡MAYDAY! - Mortuary Mary (Feat. Anjuli Stars)

She don’t think I see

That she don’t wanna be here

She don’t think I see

She’s all Mortuary Mary

Anime Impressions: Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill had a huge rep built up long before it dropped, what with Hiroyuki Imashi’s noteriety, Kazuki Nakashima’s phoenamenal writing ability, and let’s be real: slapping something like “The duo that brought you “GURREN LAGANN” are back!” is enough to get any anime fan hype.

Of course, with the season introduction being a series of very modular feeling episodes, a wholehearted silliness to a lot of the situations, action sequences that at first weren’t much more than a blink and a breath long, and the ever problematic fan service, I personally felt very early on that this one wouldn’t be anywhere near as big, do anywhere near as well, or come anywhere close to the level of iconic that Gurren Lagann is at. 

19 episodes in, however, and I’m feeling more and more confident in thinking I was wrong. 

Considering all the hype before it’s official release I’ll admit it didn’t necessarily live up to my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot about it I loved: a cool new concept, a spunky, tomboyish MC, gorgeous artwork, a badass soundtrack, glorious variety in character design and a weapon that I’m mad I didn’t think of first…it all seemed like a recipie for success. 

You know me, though. At the end of the day it’s all about the story. 

Yeah, there were bits and pieces of it here and there: dead father, strange talking uniform, Satsuki’s iron fisted rule…bits and pieces here and there. It all started adding up, but very very very slowly, again with a lot of episodes feeling more modular than anything else.

Eventually, however, things started becoming more and more focused and I started paying more attention. Then episode 17 happened.

Then episode 18 happened. 

It does raise the question of whether or not it’s smart to hold your real punches til this far in, but when said punches meet their mark, when the boom is brought to the degree it has been, it becomes really tough to criticize. I was off and on with this one for a while, but I’m locked in tight and ready for the ride now. 

8/10, Easy. Don’t lose your way, KLK.